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Signage: high visibility, added value

Press Release... as seen in Retail Traffic magazine
May 1, 2011

2.0 Design prides itself on doing a lot more than just creating pretty signs. Yes, the firm has earned a reputation for its award-winning creations. But it also focuses on delivering smart design strategies and offers clients a comprehensive consulting package when it comes to signage, lighting, and the overall aesthetics of a property.

In addition to its core function of designing signage programs, 2.0 Design offers a comprehensive "visual audit" of a center. the inspection takes into account approximately 50 different aspects of a shopping center's look and feel, with analysis of everything from color schemes to placement of dumpsters and the states of parking lots. "We point out things that the customer might not see, because they go there every day," says David Goodwin, CEO of 2.0 Design in Richmond, VA.

2.0 Design also is working with shopping center owners and developers to recognize the value potential among its existing freestanding signage. For example, one 2.0 Design initiative recommends that owners update and revamp a shopping center's main pylon sign in order to generate added revenue for that prime space.

Often, shopping center owners will charge tenants a one-time fee for having their name listed on the sign, or perhaps even give away that signage space when a lease is negotiated. 2.0 Design proposes that shopping centers get more from tenants for that high-profile brand positioning. "We suggest that you rent that space just like you would all the rest of the space in your center, because it is a very valuable advertising medium," says Goodwin.

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